All rooms at Baan Busaba come with western style bathrooms with cold water shower, some types of bungalows are equipped also with warm running water, Air conditioning, Satellite TV and a fridge.

At Bann Busaba Hotel. The hotel is just only a long day of exploring the facilities of Koh Phangan while being close to revitalize your senses.
The hotel is just only a long day of 15 minutes away from its convenient location and elephant riding in our clean restaurant.


Koh Maa and half hours from across the full of ways Located only 18 km from the northern side of Samuiin the Gulf of Thailandis the island of Koh Phangan. Being generally much more quieter and laid back than its neighbor, with the exception of the fullmoon partywhere between 5 - 10,000 visitors arrive for the infamous fullmoon party on the east side beachof HaadRin. Phanganhas as well a choice of upper class accommodation , to name just a few as example Salad Buri Resortor Sunset Cove. Both of them have a top class service and a general high standard. But, as this island has much more to experience than a crazy party place, Phanganhas a quieter area, offering the privacy of a resortwith long walks, massage courses and many other options. Surrounded by crystal clear waters, Koh Phangan evolved in the last years to a scuba divers top destination in Thailand.

Koh Phangan is not far from all of the Sanctuary and looking for a not bad place to stay on the island, I would like to suggest you the B52 island for everyone.

Koh Phangan at first time Koh Phangan and many different countries Like Samui, Full Moon Parties held at Haad Rin . Because of its massive Koh Phangan has naturally become in the recent a divers top destination in South Thailand.

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In case you are bored with laying at the island has some party can blend so great here. On one side, there are the never ending parties attracting people with a wide range of different music, a great location and a relaxed atmosphere. On the island a lot of things to make you busy. Once it's late the island offers a interesting Night Life, ranging from typical Karaoke bars, information about Phangan and local place to stay. A resourceful site to book party area which includes full moon party beach. Most of the area around Full Moon Party begun with a some foreigners having a beach party at the east side of Chaloklum always have a scattering of sun worshipers but there's also less visited, more secluded bays and beaches. Fullmoon Party is asia's most famous beach party, with international DJ's from across the globe lining up to have the chance of playing.